AFAM's programs provide hope to young mothers and lets them know that people do care about them. The resources they provide these mothers are informative, as well as beneficial for themselves and their children. The mentoring offered is definitley grooming these young women into positive role models for our future.
M. Harvey, Educator and Donor


Educational Empowerment Program

Empowering young parents to break the poverty cycle is an integral function of Advocates for Adolescent Mothers mission. Poverty is the root cause of most challenges faced by families headed by young parents. Children of young parents who delay subsequent pregnancies and meet their children’s needs emotionally and financially, are more likely to complete school and avoid becoming teen parents themselves.

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Holiday Drive Program

Each year Advocates for Adolescent Mothers collects toys and outerwear for homeless young moms and their children for Christmas. Many of the homeless youth who benefit from this program would not receive Christmas gifts if our program did not exist. Since 2011, we have provided approximately 850 toys and 400 coats to homeless youth at 9 Chicago area nonprofits.

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Teen Parent Stable Housing Study

The Teen Parent Stable Housing Study is a longitudinal study about the prevalence of homelessness among young mothers in multiple cities nationally, beginning with Chicago.

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