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Educational Empowerment Program

Less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree before the age of 30.

Empowering young parents to break the poverty cycle is an integral function of Advocates for Adolescent Mothers mission. Poverty is the root cause of most challenges faced by families headed by young parents. Children of young parents who delay subsequent pregnancies and meet their children’s needs emotionally and financially, are more likely to complete school and avoid becoming teen parents themselves.

Education is one of the most powerful weapons against poverty. Yet only two percent of teen mothers earn a college degree before age 30. Advocates for Adolescent Mothers realizes that a vast majority of young mothers do not earn their college degree due to the limited resources available to those pursuing post-secondary degrees.

Advocates for Adolescent Mothers Educational Empowerment Program is an asset-based, antipoverty program that provides financial and socio-emotional support to young mothers who are in college. The Educational Empowerment Program is designed to equip young parents to break the poverty cycle by preventing child abuse, by educating them about child development; providing entrepreneurial training; and by increasing the number of young mothers who graduate from college, by addressing specific barriers that often prevent college completion.

Participants of the Educational Empowerment Program receive mentoring, participate in informational workshops, and are offered financial support in the amount of $500 each academic year. Participants establish long and short term goals. Workshops focus on leadership, study skills, personal development, critical thinking, life skills, and parenting. Participants also enjoy social events/activities and are offered opportunities to volunteer in the community.

Young mothers who complete Advocates for Adolescent Mothers Educational Empowerment Program will have earned a college degree, delayed subsequent pregnancies, developed a strong bond and attachment with their children, and will have completed entrepreneurial training.

Benefits of Participation

The benefits of participation in the Educational Empowerment Program include:

  • You will be provided the opportunity to earn up to $500 during the academic year.
  • You will meet and interact with other young mothers that share similar interests and goals.
  • You will receive useful information about succeeding as a student and a parent.
  • You will have the opportunity to build relationships with professional, supportive, and caring adults.
  • Food will be provided at each workshop.
  • Transit cards to attend workshops will be available upon request, based on participant need.
  • Participation in any ceremonies, events, or trips that may be planned.
  • Certificate upon completion.

Applications for the Educational Empowerment Program are being accepted now! Learn how to apply!

Sponsor a young mom participant or donate to support this innovative antipoverty program, and help facilitate enduring change for 2 generations of youth!

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