I love the fact that they have a scholarship program, which can truly impact the direction in which a teen mom will take when considering how she will pursue a higher education.
M. Caston, Donor

AFAM Infinite Legacy League

AFAM’s Infinite Legacy League is a campus based movement of students advocating for campus level support of young mothers age 24 and younger. AFAM’s Infinite Legacy League is an auxiliary to our Educational Empowerment Program. Student members of the AFAM Infinite Legacy League advocate for college campuses to acknowledge the needs of young mothers. Many colleges boast about the diversity of their campuses and it is important that young mothers are acknowledged, and sought after as a measure of diversity at college campuses.

The goals of AFAM’s Infinite Legacy League are to:

  • Maintain a “census” of the number of young moms under age 24 in attendance at the college/university;
  • Offer young moms students age 24 or younger with financial assistance through AFAM’s Educational Empowerment Program;
  • Provide meaningful campus based support to young moms students;
  • Increase awareness about teen pregnancy, parenting and prevention;
  • Fundraise to support AFAM’s Educational Empowerment Program.

The first chapter of AFAM’s Infinite Legacy League has been formed at Roosevelt University in Chicago.